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Arena sends real time updates when deals move - or don't - and lets you action them straight from Slack.

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Notifications Sent

Bring your pipeline to Slack

Increase visibility by reaching people where they are.

Real-time updates

Easily keep a constant pulse on your pipelines.

  • Close more deals with a faster sales cycle

    Pull together the right people exactly as they're needed, with customizable notifications on deal movements.

  • Build momentum as a company

    Keep your marketing, product and executive team in the loop on big movements like deals won or lost.

image showing deal notification when closed lostimage showing deal notification when closed wonimage showing deal notification when trial starts

Smart reminders

Focus on selling, and get guided through the rest.

  • Don't snooze, and loose

    Remind the team when a deal hasn't had activity in a while, and make sure things never go stale.

  • Ensure data accuracy

    Remind sales reps to log meetings when they have a call, and let them to log it straight from Slack.

image showing notification to check on a stale dealimage showing notification to check on a stale dealimage showing notification to log a call


Automate your pipeline

Empower your team to focus on prospects, not process.

  • Deal actions

    Search, update and action on deals straight from Slack. Save time on how you take notes, send emails, create tasks and more.

  • Account based channels

    Collaborate on priority accounts in dedicated Slack channels and get a focused feed of activity for each account.

  • Reports

    Surface key HubSpot reports periodically on Slack and keep sales targets top of mind, without the hassle.

  • Deal intel

    Save time on researching your deals and get key deal intel automatically pulled together.

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